Which Mobile App should you build first, Android, or iOS?

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a big business or a small one, launching a mobile app has become the best way of increasing customer reach. You must have noticed that almost every business has a dedicated app whether it is a restaurant or an online clothing store. But have you ever thought that your customer uses different mobile interfaces? It can be an android or iOS. In this case, it is very important to figure out which app should you build first — Android or iOS? In this blog, we will figure out the answer to this fact in detail. While building a mobile app, the choice is generally influenced by the pros and cons of Android and iOS. There are some major factors that help you decide which app you should build first. Android or iOS?

Audience and customer need

The first and most important one is to research about your potential customers. You need to know more about the platform the customers use, either Android or iOS. Besides that, you also need to know whether you want more market share or more customers spending. If your user base mostly uses the android mobile phones then you must go for the android mobile app development. There are different ways of searching the demographics and the type of devices your customers are using. By the time if your android app gets successful, you can try your luck in iOS app development too.


It is the next important factor that plays a significant role in mobile app development. You need to choose based on the region of your targeted audience. If you want to target the people in the US, Europe, or Australia, your priority should be iOS app development. People in these regions use iOS more than android. 


The next thing is Time. How quickly you need the app. Generally, an android app has a longer release cycle. In Android apps, device fragmentation is required which take a lot of time during development. The developer needs to ensure whether the app is compatible with all Android OS versions or not. On the other hand, the iOS app doesn’t have device fragmentation. In addition to that Apple has also prioritized the quality of mobile apps. Because of which, there are very fewer chances of a newer app getting approved. It can be rejected if it doesn’t meet all the standards of iOS. However, if you hire the right iOS app development company, the chances of getting rejected are very low.

What are the advantages of choosing Android app development first?

  • Android mobiles have a majority in the global market share.
  • Because of prominent global shares, Android mobile apps generate more revenue using app ads.

What are the features of android mobile apps?

  • Android app development is an open-source platform. It offers greater flexibility in app design and features to the developers than iOS.
  • In these apps, the developer can try to implement multiple options. Besides that, they are free to customize mobile apps according to their wish.

However, freedom with app design is limited. There are some standard guidelines for all the apps to get published in the Play Store. All the apps need to qualify these standards to get into the app store. Besides that Apple also has a closed ecosystem. The strict guidelines of iOS restrict the developers’ freedom while designing and integrating app features. It is not that easy to make an iOS app as it needs to qualify the standards of Apple first. 

What are the advantages of choosing an iOS app development first?

  • iPhone users generally earn 40% more than an average Android user.
  • iOS users are considered to have more access to the enterprise market.
  • iPhone users dominate the first world countries more than Android.
  • iOS apps are more prone to make in-app purchases.


In Android Apps – There are chances to make more revenue with fewer customers. They offer more flexibility in features but require a long time for the development process. Android app development is affordable as well.

In iOS Apps – There are chances of targeting a huge audience. These apps can be developed in lesser time but they require 100% quality otherwise there is a strong chance of getting rejected. 

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