What are Responsive Websites and why should you have One

“A website should be responsive”, you must have heard this phrase thousands of times. But do you exactly know what a responsive website is? And why it is important to have a responsive website? In this blog, we will understand both of these things very clearly so that we can work on that. However, you can go to any web-development company and ask them to make a responsive website but you should also know what that is exactly? You can hire a website development company for this task but you must know about it before hiring somebody. Let us understand what is a responsive website first?

What is a responsive website?

Have you noticed while searching for anything the webpage takes the shape of the device you are using? It means, when you are opening the webpage on your mobile devices it looks different and when you are opening it on the desktop or tablet it appears different. It is called the responsiveness of websites. In simple words, a responsive website is like water that takes the shape of the container in which it is kept. 

The responsive website scales all the elements and content of the website according to the device quickly. 

What does a responsive website do?

  • It adjusts the width, length, and height of all the images that are being used on the website automatically.  
  • It matches the size of all the elements of a website with the screen size of the device. 
  • It tremendously increases the retention of visitors on your web page by providing a better user interface and an excellent user experience to them.  

Why it is important to have a responsive website?

It is very important to have a responsive website because you don’t know on what device users are opening your website. So it is very important to give them the best user experience on every device whether it’s a smartphone, desktop, or tablet. If you won’t do so, they will get back without opening the web page and it will increase the bounce rate of your website. You might know that it is not good for your website ranking and online business. There used to be a time when the developer used to design a dedicated website for smartphone users. A responsive website replaces this need. It scales your websites for multiple screen sizes. 

What are the benefits of a responsive website?

Here top benefits of the responsive websites are given:

  • The first benefit of having a responsive website is that it is cost-effective. You do not have to spend a lot to provide a better user interface to the users. You save the money for a separate mobile device. 
  • The next thing, it makes your website very flexible irrespective of the device type or the screen size.
  • When you attract the users from all device types by providing them a better user experience you make a good business. 
  • The website’s responsiveness also helps your website to get a higher rank on Google or any other search engine. Responsive websites are a plus point for good search engine optimization. It makes your website mobile friendly and Google considers mobile-friendly websites first.
  • Ease of management is the next benefit of these websites. This kind of website is easy to handle and manage by the admin as well. 

These are the benefits you will get from a responsive website. It is also true that you cannot develop a responsive website on your own but that is not a matter of concern. You can hire the top web development company; like Ocsbox to get this work done for you. This company also offers the best digital marketing services to you. There is no need to search for a separate digital marketing company. You will get both things in the same place. So don’t think anymore and make your website responsive with the help of experts now.

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