Top Trends in Mobile App that Will Dominate in 2020

2020 has been full of surprises till now. It has brought a tremendous change in the mobile app development industry as well. People are becoming more reliant on mobile apps. They prefer to do things online or by apps rather than going out. Social distancing has become a new trend. In this case, there are so many apps that are helping people, whether it is shopping or studying, gyming, or gaming, everything has an app. We are sharing some top trending app development ideas below.

1- Wearable are trendy

Apps that come under the category which could be integrated with a wearable device are in trend as there is a tremendous increase in the popularity of wearable’s. They are the next big thing. IOS, Android app development, and watchOS development work in constant harmony. Experts assume that wearable’s cannot get any further if they are not properly integrated with the mobile app. It’s very important to take the full advantage of the feature of any wearable; otherwise, you would be left behind by your competitors. Hence it is a very good idea to invest in watchOS, along with iOS and Android app development.

2- Mobile Apps For Enterprising

To reduce costs while being portable are among the most vital reasons for making good enterprise mobile apps. It’s true that in today’s fast-paced era nobody likes to switch on their desktops and laptops for simple and complex tasks. It’s not like that enterprise mobile apps are going to replace desktop enterprise apps, but if they work in a chorus, they are going to be great companions.

3- Future lies in the Clouds

A rapidly growing latest trend in mobile app development is the cloud-based apps. These mobile apps have a lot to promise, compared to other app development. One of the good things about these kinds of apps is that you can easily create one app for both types of operating systems on the cloud and they are not limited to the type of device a person is using. The users have the option to use the app from their mobile web browser.The cloud-based application doesn’t need to be installed on the users’ device.

4- A.I & M.L

Artificial intelligence in mobile apps is doing so much for our daily use of virtual assistants. On the other hand the ML or machine learning is enhancing cameras and health devices to their top level. Apple is among the top companies that collect a vast amount of relevant data that could be used for both AI and ML.

5- Online Shopping and Payment

Online shopping and payment is growing hand in hand. It is becoming top app trends in the mobile tech space. More and more people prefer online shopping as social distancing and deadly viruses have become a part of people’s lives in 2020. This is making the e-commerce industry to expand quickly. Moreover as customers are coming online, they like to make payments through cards or wallets like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc. As a result, you can see new mobile app trends making it more opportunistic for mobile app developers.

6- Apps to Provide Safety

No matter which high end phone a person is using, there is always news of data getting leaked or hacked. This raises an important need for a Mobile app that features Security to the phone as well as other apps installed.

7- Blockchain is equally Hot

Blockchain is becoming a new trend in this era and it helps mobile app development companies in this industry. This technology is proving itself helpful in bringing innovations in the finance-related transactions. Blockchain is a very enriching concept and has all the potential to develop apps that can provide the latest ways to create payment-related applications.

8- Micro apps and Enterprise Apps

These kinds of apps are going to grow rapidly in the future. Enterprise apps can take care and manage crucial business operations where as micro apps are developed to focus on a specific task. Enterprise apps are also very useful to manage a host of jobs altogether. By using these kinds of applications, users can make their business tasks easier and it takes lesser time.

9- No Download Needed or Instant Apps

Instant apps are growing massively in popularity and demand since they were first created. Instant apps are not very big but are very user-friendly and are easier to use. The best thing about instant apps especially in this fast-paced era is that a person can instantly use them without actually downloading it. This makes sure that the apps won’t add up any external space on the Smartphone.

So, these are some of the top trends in mobile app development 2020. You can also make a creative app based on the above given ideas that can help people. These are also some of the best ways of earning online. To know more details, you can reach out to the best mobile app development agency near you. 

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