Mobile Apps Ideas to Inspire you in 2020

Mobile applications have come into our lives with many useful solutions, not only for users of smartphones and apps but for businesses also. According to experts around 90 percent of the time, people spend on mobile phones is on apps. The app development industry is getting bigger day by day. At the same time it is creating a lot of competition in the sector. If a business owner truly wishes to make their venture profitable in this digital era, then they must turn their attention towards the right mobile app idea to invest in. Some of the best Mobile App Ideas to Invest in 2020 and beyond are given below.

Develop Shopping Apps with Scanning Feature

Mobile Ecommerce apps are breaking the records of all time. Nowadays most users who own mobile phones are very commonly found using their devices for making a purchase. Now after hearing this, the first thing that can hit anyone’s mind is launching an app that features an online store. But this is not that unique and has already been done before 2020; you need to have a perspective that goes beyond conventional thinking. The first thing to do so is by putting yourself in the shoes of the consumers. What is the main thing that can stop you from buying items you see anywhere? Yes, it’s the inability to find it online. It is the same for consumers. They usually see someone with something they like but don’t know where to get that item for themselves. This is where the idea of a scan and shop app can boost the market.

Gaming App Development

Investing in gaming apps might look like a very common idea but that is the beauty of the gaming apps, even after being a competitive niche, they are also among the biggest revenue generator for the app industry. So one thing is for sure is that if you invest in the right gaming app, your success is assured. Now one thing that can cross anyone’s mind is what exactly makes the right gaming app? So to help you out on this we are mentioning some features you should make sure to implement. Engage your Users as much as possible. People care about the story of the game play and gamers want to be part of the story. Hence you should focus on creating simple but engaging and addictive gameplay. A Game that allows multiple players to play at the same time will surely succeed because most gamers love combating with each other rather than the computer. 

Be different but be logical. You must take your time developing a gaming app that is different from all other options available today. At the same time don’t forget to make it addictive, and logical.

Apps Which Provide Criminal Alerts

Crime rates are increasing rapidly in the world. It is now becoming very common to get the news about shootings and assaults quite often. Everyone would prefer to know about the presence of such people among them. People like to get real-time notifications about any kind of crime that is happening in their neighborhood.

This is where a crime detection app can provide a solution and also public service at the same time. This is the biggest reason you can think of investing in creating a criminal alert app.

However some app developing companies have already delivered such solutions. But there is still a chance for newcomers because the market is still not as saturated as other genres of apps.

So think of developing an app that helps users to detect the presence of registered offenders as well as offer them notifications about any shootings or crimes that the police are attending to nearby. This will surely help the people to ensure the safety of themselves and for the people, they care about.

Apps Which Can Find Song for Users

Sometimes people listen to good music and try to remember them. Sometimes even after listening to a catchy and beautiful song, they would not be able to find it again as all they would only remember the lyric or tune of the song. Though there are times when a person just needs to type whatever he remembers into Google to find the song, mostly, even the best of search engines don’t help.

It is a frustrating situation for music lovers. And situations that are annoying for people can be a real opportunity for businesses. Hence you need to put your attention in creating an app that can find the song with the slightest hint.

So these were some ideas that can drive your online business very quickly. However, these are not the only ideas. There are several other things for which you can create an app. You just need to come up with the idea and tell it to the mobile app development agency. They will make you an app that you can launch in the market. 

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