How Native Mobile Apps help you in Business Growth and Customer Retention

Most businesses these days would have a mobile application developed for building a connection with the customer.Customer loyalty can be built with mobile apps as they communicate with the customers, creating a positive image about the company. It is considered to be the basic tool needed to provide the customers a real-time experience.As internet is accessible to everyone with a mobile phone,use of mobile applications is used intensively over websites mainly because the user get notifications on mobile apps compared to websites.Some businesses prefer the customers to use the mobile application more than the website namely because of the ease of use and accessibility. For example, a food delivery restaurant would have users who would rather order the food from their mobile application over the website.Many industries namely banking, e-commerce, food and beverages etc make use of mobile applications irrespective of the Operation Systems i.e. Android, iOS or Windows.

But how do businesses develop mobile applications when the operating systems are different? Application developers make use of Native mobile applications which is written in the language specific to the operating system which means that these apps are built using a programming language that would only function in a certain platform For Example Java for Android, Objective-C or Swift for iOS and .NET for Windows.The biggest advantage of this is that you can make use of almost all the features of the mobile like voice recognition, camera etcas these applications are exclusively made for specific operating system.

Better customer experience would make the customer continue to use the mobile app and wouldn’t look for another option. Since many similar companies are available in the market, it is easier for an unhappy customer to uninstall an application and switch to a new company that provides the similar features.  It is important to make the customers happy by focusing on tiny aspects which will eventually contribute to business growth.Businesses prefernative apps as they ensure the customers have a better user experience which in turn increases the business.Native mobile apps have many more advantages; a few have been listed below:

  • Better performance

Since the code is different for different operating system and the app is developed within a framework, the performance is better for native apps. As the name suggests native meaning device specific, in this case as the app is faster and more responsive to end user inputs.

  • Many features

Customers love to have access to many features. Native mobile applicationcan utilize the built in features of the mobile like the camera, address book or the GPS along with the application. There is no need of extra tools as the features available in the mobile device can be easily integrated.

  • Better User experience

Since the native app is faster, users can navigate through the app freely. There is no huge load time that occurs as the contents and all the elements are loaded instantly. It also allows the user to work in the offline mode.This gives the user a better experience.

  • Security

The native apps are platform depend and due to which the codes are tested several times. Also since no extra plug-insare used, it is difficult to exploit these apps.

  • Availability

Users can easily find the native mobile applications from the Play Store (android) or the App Store(iOS). They can download them from the respective app stores. Users need not search for the app as they are easily available.

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